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However crazy it could sounds now the best fun I ever had in my life with computer games was caused by small oldfashioned "table" computer 15 years ago.
Computers are changing but our memories stands solid.Lets see how it looked when we opened paper box containing magic machine for the first time..

Manufacturer introduction:
When it comes to video games, no other manufacturer stacks up to ATARI. You'll find 45 Game Program cartridges listed here, including new games which will be available in the first half of 1982.

The ATARI Video Computer System game consists of the game console, two sets of controllers, power adapter, TV antenna switch box and the COMBAT Game Program cartridge. The console attaches easily to your television set. (It won't interfere with normal viewing.) The controllers and cartridges plug into the console and open up a world of possibilities.

My Favorite games

Scrapyard Dog
Turbo Sub
Viking Child
Zarlor Mercenary

Bitter end
The Atari 7800, for all practical purposes, was the most under appreciated home gaming system in history. Slated for release in 1984, Atari promised that the 7800 was gonna be the "Mac-Daddy" of consoles. For the time, the graphic capabilities and the extensive library of 2600 games that could be played on the Pro System put the 7800 in a league of it's own. Also, rumors of a high score cart were being talked about, where players could store their high scores for the first time in history. The public was hyped, Unfortunately, Atari dropped the ball.

The 7800 hit the market in 1986, two years after it was supposed to be released. That was the year America was invaded by the Japanese. No kids, not Pearl Harbor, that was the year that Nintendo washed up on the shores. The rest, as they say, is history.

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